In an effort to try to limit the number and type of art that I collect, I've compiled a very large and massive wishlist (pictures below). If you currently own one of these items, please let me know. It's always nice to know that a wishlist item even exists.

As for my own gallery, typically my cels are not open to offers unless they are listed in the "extras" section of my gallery. But, please feel free to ask about any item from my collection, because I will keep you in mind for the future. Please note that trades are sometimes much more enticing to me. Just send me your URL and maybe we can agree on a mutual trade.

Now, onto the screencaps of the artwork I'm searching for...

Click on attached images to enlarge.

Series/Description    Sample    Priority
Artwork - Shikishi / Original
Fushigi Yuugi Evil Tamahome / Magic Knight Rayearth Lantis / Prince of Tennis Ryoma / Kaikan Phrase Sakuya / Hunter x Hunter Kuroro Very High
Card Captor Sakura - Movie 2
Movie 2 Sakura: Running Towards Li Medium
Movie 2 Yue: Side View of Yue Medium
Card Captor Sakura - TV
Episode 42: Sakura hugging Li Medium
Episode 45: Yue inspecting the new Cardcaptor Sakura Medium
Episode 53: Kero hugging his pudding Medium
Episode 66: Eriol catching Sakura Medium
Episode 66: Yue protecting Sakura Medium
Magic Knight Rayearth - Lantis
Lantis TV Third Opening: Lantis in Locket Very High
Lantis TV Third Opening: Lantis Opposite Eagle Very High
Episode 34: Flashback Autozam Group High
Episode 34: Flashback of Lantis & Eagle High
Episode 34: Flashback of Lantis and Eagle in Autozam High
Episode 49: Lantis reaching towards Hikaru High
Eyecatch: Lantis High
OVA 2: Lantis and his spirit wolf High
Episode 29: Lantis in a mech Medium
Episode 29: Lantis' mech Medium
Episode 29: Lantis wearing mech helmet Medium
Episode 43: Sepia Lantis Medium
Magic Knight Rayearth - TV
Episode 21: Cels of Hikaru's brothers:
Kakeru, Masaru, and especially Satoru
Episode 47: Eagle with revelations to Hikaru Low

Any production or test cels - Yuzuriha and Inuki Low
Fushigi Yuugi - TV

Episode 22: Evil Tamahome in the Rain Very High
Episode 19: Evil Tamahome with Bandana High
Episode 20: Evil Tamahome w/ weapon High
Episode 22: Eyecatch of Evil Tamahome and Hotohori
(Miaka Optional)
Episode 38: Tama portraying Miaka Low
Hunter x Hunter - Hisoka
Episode 41: Hisoka Smiling Medium
Episode 23: Hisoka w/ Butterflies Low
Episode 42: Hisoka's Back Low
Hunter x Hunter - Kuroro
Any young Kuroro High
American Animation
Fairies - Any cels from this 30 minute 80's short
My Little Pony Movie - Baby Dragon Spike
Rainbow Brite Movie - Stormy & Skydancer
Rainbow Brite Movie - Any cels of Rainbow and/or Krys
Wildfire - Any cels of from this series
Ayashi No Ceres
Episode 2: Touya in Tree Low
Episode 20: Touya with gun Low
Card Captor Sakura Movie 2 - Sakura & Li
Fushigi Yuugi - Evil Tamahome
Magic Knight Rayearth - Lantis
Rurouni Kenshin - Aoshi
X / 1999 - Yuzuriha and Inuki
Marmalade Boy
Cels of Yuu & Miki Kissing Medium
Ending Cels Medium
Eyecatch Cels Medium

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