Favorite Links


Card Captor Sakura - Links for Stellar CCS Cels

Cel Love - gallery specializing in Yukito & Touya cels
Forever Dreaming - gallery of Clow fangirl
Otherside of the Moon - tons of CCS goodies
Sakura Bunnies - super kawaii gallery devoted to CCS
Sensei's Anime Gallery - excessively large gallery of CCS cuteness
Rallihir's Cel Gallery - the ultimate in CCS covetness

Fushigi Yuugi - Links for Evil Tamahome Cels

Best of Ame's Cels - A3 Tamahome w/ Bandana
Cel Envy - A12 Evil Tamahome
DBZ Sneeze - A1 End Closeup of Evil Tama
In Excelsius - A6 Smiling Tamahome
Picture Perfect - A1 Key Smiling Tamahome w/ bandana
SYAN - B1 Tamahome w/ bandana
Twist of Blue - Tamahome w/ bandana

Heroic Legend of Arslan - Links for Arslan Cels

Quinta Essentia - yummy Arslan goodness

Prince of Tennis - Links for Prince of Tennis Sketches & Fancels

AN's Hoard - lots of Prince of Tennis sketches with matching backgrounds
Animeobsessed's Gallery - many sketches and fancels of Prince of Tennis
Bad Habit - a few Prince of Tennis sketches and one hanken
Baka-Inu Cels - cute mixture of Prince of Tennis sketches
Confused Moogle's Pom Pom Gallery - mix of hanken, fancel, and regular Prince of Tennis items
Darkephoenix's Lair - plenty of rough Prince of Tennis sketches
Eddie's Cel Revolution - one side sketch of a hurt Ryoma
Eyes0nme19 Cel Gallery - a few cuts of Prince of Tennis
Fan Kanji Productions - gallery with Prince of Tennis fancels
H22Hitokiri's Cel Collection - one full sketch of Fuji
Jenn's Cel Gallery - uber gallery of Prince of Tennis sketches and hankens
Shadowcat Mostly DBZ Gallery - quite a few cute sets of Prince of Tennis

Rayearth - Links for *gasp* Lantis Cels & other MKR pretties

Jenny & Katie's Cels - Eagle & Lantis Gallery
Kamidake - Eagle Cels Abound

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