Description "Condition:"
Collecting Reference

Good: Light to rampant line fading.
Fair: Stuck layers or chipped paint.
Poor: Cut, scratched, or permanently bent.

Description "Rating:"

***** Dream Item (Never For Sale or Trade)
**** Ultimate Item (Not For Sale or Trade)
*** Beloved Item (Not For Sale)
** Valued Item (Trading Welcome)
* Favored Item (Trading & Offers OK)

Can I e-mail you just because?

Of course! But please excuse the e-mail lag. I WILL answer you eventually...even if it takes me all year.

Can I have all your artwork?


Do you accept offers or trades?

For more info, please refer to "Wishlist" section.

I saw an item in your gallery with an "Ep.?" or "Unknown" in the description. Would you like to know the episode or character name?

Of course! I'm trying to be as accurate as I can with my artwork so any help with episode IDs or character names is greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!

Why are some of your pictures fuzzy and why can't I see the sequence numbers?

All of my scans were made with cels protected by cel bags. Since my scanner is small, one can assume that I cropped at least 1/2" from regular sized items (about 1" for movie items). Additionally, I've added both lasercopy & production backgrounds as well as a watermark to try to curb any nefarious deeds resulting from individuals using my images.

Okay, so I have read all the cel blathering above, but what about something specific about you as a collector?

I started collecting in August of 1999 with my first cel of MKR OVA Lantis. I attribute my continued art delinquency to private collectors, deputy services, super nice dealers, and the many cel collectors who have given me help and advice over the years.

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